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Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 

Adapted by Kerry McGee & Robert Pike

Sherlock and Watson are on the case!  And with our audio play + extras, you can be too!  

The most famous detective in the world puts his unmatched mind to work to apprehend murderers, thieves, and criminal masterminds. He routinely outsmarts everyone around him - but can he pull the wool over your eyes?Presented as an hour-long audio drama, our mystery will be accompanied by a mail-out experience that puts you on the case with the famous detective.  Examine the clues, read the dossiers, and step through the front door of 221B Baker Street, into the world of Sherlock Holmes.


"We Happy Few can claim great success in bringing this renowned cipher to the mind's eye of the listener"

- Maryland Theatre Guide

"Congratulations to the We Happy Few creative team for breathing fresh air into an old tradition of audio entertainment. And bringing joy (and mystery) to the monotony of these pandemic days."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts

Sherlock Holmes is funded in part by a grant from the Capitol Hill Community Foundation

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