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Written by Catherine Louisa Pirkis, 

Adapted by Kerry McGee

Loveday Brooke, the original Lady Detective is on the case!  And with our audio play + extras, you can be too!  
Heralded as "The Female Sherlock Holmes", Loveday Brooke is the original Lady Detective.   With the help of the Lynch Court Detective Agency, Loveday Brooke applies uncommon intelligence and an organized mind to solve a myriad of cases ranging from robberies to murder. Presented as an hour-long audio drama, our mystery will be accompanied by a mail-out experience that puts you on the case with the famous detective.  Examine the clues, read the dossiers, and step into the world of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective.


"Brooke is a crime-solving genius — knowledgeable, preternaturally perceptive, skilled at undercover work and versed in the minutiae of invisible ink."

- The Washington Post

"This story is wonderfully adapted for We Happy Few by Kerry McGee, with Miss Brooke coming into her own as a radio detective and with just a touch of the noir along with the Victorian."

- Maryland Theatre Guide

"The audience gets to play along...opening four different envelopes bearing evidence (a clues packet is sent to each ticket buyer) as the story progresses. We Happy Few has added a few additional touches to keep things atmospheric: a copy of the local paper, even a cup of tea that listeners are encouraged to brew as they mull over clues."

- DC Theatre Scene

"We Happy Few has created another gem of simple entertainment that can engage and whisk the audience away from the real world for a short while."

- DC Metro Theater Arts

Loved Loveday?  Check out our Sherlock Holmes audio play with extras.  

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