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We rediscover and reimagine classic stories that challenge, illuminate, and charm audiences


  • We believe that a story is ‘classic’ if it exhibits continued relevance, relatability, and resonance for our audiences and our community. regardless of when it is created or who created it.

  • We believe in creating an inclusive, diverse, and equitable space where the voices of all people and backgrounds are represented—and that the work to create this space is continuous and ongoing.

  • We believe that language is complex, beautiful, welcoming, and inclusive.

  • We believe in affordable theatre experiences that invite the audience to join in the adventure from the safety of their own seats.

  • We believe that artists’ time and work has value, and deserves respect, consideration, and fair compensation. 

  • We believe in essential, focused storytelling and intentional artist-driven theatricality.

  • We believe that theatre is collaborative, and the work we create is enhanced by contributions from all of our artists.



Named by the DCist as one of The Best Small Theatre Companies of 2015


"We Happy Few Productions makes a great case for revisiting the golden oldies. This theater troupe . . . makes the words from bygone eras feel fresh and urgent." - DCist


"A new approach to Shakespeare you will not want to miss." - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"The model that We Happy Few Productions has built and perfected over the last seven years is, for my money, one of the most admirable and sustainable of any theatre company in DC."

- Broadway World DC


"We Happy Few has made its mark with pared down but impactful productions." - DC Theatre Scene


Broadway World DC credits WHF with "Enlivening classic theatre through bare-bones, ensemble storytelling."

"One of my favorite things about any We Happy Few production is the vigor and joy with which the performers throw themselves into the work." - DC Theatre Scene


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