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expanding the canon

A series of virtual readings that go way beyond Shakespeare

Join us this season as we dig into a series of classical plays and adaptations written by queer, indigenous, female, non-binary, Black, Latinx, or non-western playwrights.  The readings will be broadcast live on Facebook and open to the public for free.  The reading of the play will be followed by a facilitated discussion of the work.

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Death, Sex, & Soju

An Evening of Korean Fairy Tales

Written by Soo-Jin Lee

Directed by Stan Kang

April 30, 2021

**Warning: This play is not for children. Adult Children only.**

While the reading is free, we'd like to ask that you consider making a donation to Hope for Grieving Families' Grieving Teen Outward Bound Day.  

You can make a donation here.


Vanessa Chapoy

Kyosin Kang

Kiernan McGowan

Momo Nakamura

Tony Nam

Stefany Pesta

Alex Turner

Jacob Yeh

past performance: 

Meet Me In The Nunnery

Written by Amber Smithers and Daniel Rosen

Directed by Des'ree Brown

October 24, 2020