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expanding the canon

A series of virtual readings that go way beyond Shakespeare

Join us this season as we dig into a series of classical plays and adaptations written by queer, indigenous, female, non-binary, Black, Latinx, or non-western playwrights.  The readings will be in-person at CHAW and open to the public.  The reading of the play will be followed by a facilitated discussion of the work.


Health & Safety Policies


Audiences must bring proof of full vaccination (booster included) and remain masked during the performance. All attendees will be asked to perform a temperature check upon entrance to CHAW. If there is a medical/age reason why you cannot meet the audience requirements, please contact our box-office in advance:

We Happy Few staff will all be up to date with vaccinations and remain masked during the duration of the event. All performers will also be fully vaccinated.

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The Story of the 47 Ronin

Directed and Adapted by Dylan Arredondo

The noble Lord Hangwan has been wronged by Lord Moronao and sentenced to death by the Shogun.  Hangwan's lands are confiscated and his household are left to become ronin: samurai without master or honor. Yoranosuke sets a plan in motion to unite the forty-seven ronin on a path of honor and revenge. 


Adapted from the text written by Takeda Izumo, Miyoshi Shoraku, & Namiki Senryu. Translated by Jukichi Inouye

Featuring:Linda Bard, Kristyn Lue, Kyosin Kang, Kerry McGee, Paige O'Malley, Toni Rae Salmi, & Aria Velz

7:30pm at CHAW
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La Llorona

Written by Gabby Wolfe

Directed by Mauricio Pita

"You'd better behave, or La Llorona will get you!" The weeping woman of Latin American myth and legend is more than just a warning for misbehaving youths. This ghost story takes us on a horrifying journey back in time to meet La Llorona in the flesh and to watch as the tragic young woman becomes a thing of nightmares. This reading will be the premiere of a new play.

Featuring: Carol Cadby, Fabiolla de Silva,

Caroline Dubberly, Jordanna Hernandez,

Victor Salinas, & Jon Reynolds

7:30pm at CHAW


Meet Me In The Nunnery

Written by Amber Smithers and Daniel Rosen

Directed by Des'ree Brown

October 24, 2020

Death, Sex, & Soju

An Evening of Korean Fairy Tales

Written by Soo-Jin Lee

Directed by Stan Kang

April 30, 2021