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"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother"
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Whether it's imaginative and gripping takes on Shakespeare, virtual readings that expand the classical canon, or immersive audio plays, you know that We Happy Few always strives to bring you original, lively, and unexpected performances. But we can't do this without some support from you, and while we aren't asking you to shed literal blood for us, a little bit of support goes a long way... 


Join The Band

For as little as $10/month (or a one-time donation of $120+) between now and October 9, you can join the band! For making this vital contribution, you'll receive:

  • An invite to our Season Preview Party on October 9th

  • Early ordering for all audio plays

  • Early pickup for Poe extras boxes (available to take home at our fundraising event (if you're not local, we'll mail it out on the 9th)

  • 2 $10 tickets to live performances

Interested in joining? Simply go to our donation page and make a one-time donation of $120 (or more!) or select a recurring monthly donation  of $10 and you're all set. You'll officially be with the Band! 

A little goes a long way.  And a little more goes even further . . . 

Our other donor levels get all the Band perks and more! Each giving level is cumulative, so you receive all the perks from previous donor levels and unlock new extras to enjoy.

Peg-legged Pirates $240+ (or $20/month)
  • The dramaturgy packet for our live shows sent out in advance of opening night

Baker Street Irregulars $300+ (or $25/month)
  • An advance preview of show content ie. scenes from the script, songs, recordings from the rehearsal room

  • 2 free tickets to opening night


Lynch Court Investigators $500+
  • An invitation to attend a rehearsal

Starcrossed Lovers $1000+
  •  An invitation to the first read of our live performances (virtually or in-person!)

 King or Queen of the Fairies $5000+
  • Invitation to sponsor a show in our season

  • 4 free tickets to the run of a live performance

it's been quite a year

At We Happy Few we’ve always thought of limitations as opportunities for creativity.

How can we stage a Shakespeare play with only six actors? How can we bring a literary classic to a backyard? How can we use shadows or chalk or original music to create an illusion or an image? Of course, we could have never foreseen the kind of limitations that 2020 and 2021 would present to us. Instead of waiting out the pandemic, we did what we always do: we looked at the limitations as an opportunity to let creativity flourish.

  • We produced audio-plays with at home experiences that gave audiences an opportunity to connect with classic stories from the comfort and safety of their homes.

  • We engaged with new artists and audiences through our Expanding the Canon series and continued our work around re-defining the word “classic". 

  • We streamed recordings of past performances and hosted discussions about our work.

  • We refocused our mission to better fit our changing aesthetics and values

  • We made an ambitious plan for 2021-22 that allows us to carry on with the work we started during the quarantine, while also returning to the stage.


Let's make this year one to remember.

We are kicking off our season with our popular at-home theatrical experience series. This October we're getting into the Halloween mood with a new installation of A Midnight Dreary, featuring Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat, and Charlotte Perkin Gilman's feminist horror masterpiece, The Yellow Wallpaper. Then in November, Loveday Brooke and Sherlock Holmes return with new and even more intriguing mysteries. We'll also be expanding the classical canon with two live staged readings, both in October: Chushingura, the story of the 47 Ronin, and La Llorona, the horrifying Latin American folk tale about the crying woman. This May will mark our full return to live theatre with a performance at the Capitol HIll Arts Workshop. 


We are immensely proud of the work we have done and are thrilled about these upcoming projects and we need your continued support to make it happen. A donation to We Happy Few will help us pay artists fairly for their work, purchase audio equipment, ship out at home experience kits, and cover the myriad of expenses that come with bringing classic stories to life again. Please consider making a donation today to support classic theatre with a twist, straight from the Nation’s Capital. 

Want to make recurring donations?  Here's how!

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