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(Rossum's Universal Robots)

by Karel Čapek
based on the translation by Nigel Playfair & Paul Selver

June 1

at the Capitol hill arts workshop

The Original Robot Apocalypse Story. Really.

Humans have invented intelligent robots that look just like them to do all their menial tasks. That is, until the robots revolt. Who saw that one coming? Famous for being the first use of the word “robot”—this play invented all the tropes. 

Join us on Saturday June 1 at 7:30pm for a sneak peak at the robot apocalypse.  

We'll be sharing a preview of the fall performance, a talk about robots in the media from dramaturg and self-professed sci-fi nerd Keith Hock, and a talk with the artists involved. Drinks will be provided. Tickets are $5-$10.

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