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Sex monster
a cabaret

A raunchy, ridiculous evening of rock 'n' roll music with a vaguely classical influence.


An original cabaret of mythological proportions featuring Jenna Murphy, Amy K Bormet, and Misy Singson. This silly, sexy ode to the supernatural is definitely not suitable for children. Each song explores the perspective of a different, fantastical lady. You'll hear from a lusty vampire, a forgetful siren, a witch who might be the source of your sexual frustration, and Frankenstein's ex-girlfriend- just to name a few. Maybe there will be a song about Bigfoot. But we don't want to promise that—she's very elusive. 


This cabaret is a show-in-development! Some of you may have seen a couple of the songs performed at the opening night festivities for Iphigenia. This round you'll get even more songs and sassy banter! And then hold on to your hats as this cabaret continues to build and mature. So come by, have a drink, sing along to the songs you know, and then corner us afterwards to talk about the sex monsters you think deserve a choral ode.


1700 1st Street NW


Doors open at 6:30

Performance starts at 7

The band performing Sex Monster songs at the Iphigenia premiere.
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