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Episode 2 Audio Play

Episode 2 Audio Play


Join us for an audio experience that will stimulate the senses, provoke the imagination, and stir up fear in the hearts of the most reckless.  Episode two will take you to dark, confined spaces - both physical and mental - with The Tell-Tale Heart and The Premature Burial.


Your audio download will be includued in your confirmation email.  Only one order per household/device is necessary.


Want to delve deeper into the macabre world of Edgar Allan Poe? May we suggest our extras add-on package?  Set the scene, dress for the part, and get your custom cocktail ready with our accompanying materials sent directly to your home.

  • DIRECTED BY: Bridget Grace Sheaff and Robert Pike


    SOUND DESIGN BY: Robert Pike and Tosin Olufolabi


    FEATURING: Desirée Chappelle, Dylan J. Fleming, Kerry McGee, Paige O'Malley, Jon Reynolds, & Alex Turner


    PRODUCER: Kerry McGee




    ​AUDIENCE EXPERIENCE: Alex Turner, Emilia Pazniokas, Stefany Pesta, Kerry McGee, Jon Reynolds, Paige O'Malley, Tosin Olufolabi, Sam Reilly, Robert Pike, & Bridget Grace Sheaff


    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Kerry McGee, Alex Turner, & Stefany Pesta


    DRAMATURGY: Keith Hock


    Adapted for audio from our live A Midnight Dreary performance by Robert Pike

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