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Written by William Shakespeare

March 2019


"What's done cannot be undone."

Propelled by dark forces, ruthless in his execution and haunted by his actions, a tyrant ascends the throne. Is he a man taking on the role dictated by fate, society, and his own ambition? Or is he a true villain? In the shadow of unspeakable deeds, Macbeth and all who surround him must ask: What am I party to? Where's the line? When have I gone too far? When is it too late?



"Macbeth is deliciously eerie. It’s a quick-paced version of The Scottish Play that left me spooked." -   Emily Priborkin, DC Theatre Scene

“A unique and fascinating experience unlike any previously encountered in the D.C. or cities surrounding." - Amanda N. Gunther, Theatre Bloom

"The effect is akin to an orchestral piece arranged for a chamber music quintet. Creative solutions to ensure the important themes and movements are played, and in the process, the inner architecture is revealed." -  Ian Thal, DC Metro Theater Arts


Raven Bonniwell

Danny Cackley

Desirée Chappelle

Dylan J. Fleming

Stefany Pesta


Hannah Todd


Emilia Pazniokas (Assistant Directing)

Keith Hock (Dramaturgy)

Sam Reilly (Stage Management)

Jason Aufdem-Brinke (Lighting)

Moyenda Kulemeka (Costumes)

Arnel Sancianco (Visual Design)

Casey Kaleba (Fights)

Ethan Balis (Sound Design)

Emily Sucher (Intimacy Choreography)

Ken Johnson (Assistant Stage Management)

Photography by Amy Leigh Horan

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