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The Odyssey

Written by Homer, Adapted by Robert Pike

The Gods have not marked your house for an unsung future.


We Happy Few takes on a pillar of Western Storytelling tradition, Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. Despite a hard-won and decisive victory in the Trojan war, Greek hero Odysseus has not returned to his queen Penelope and their son Telemachus, leaving them at the mercy of a gaggle of lusty suitors. Goddess Athena intercedes to reunite the family as they fight through cyclops, sea storms, witches, and murder plots. Presented with movement, puppetry, mad-cap fun, and original songs and music, join We Happy Few on this epic quest back home.

Appropriate for all ages.  Running time is approximately ninety minutes with no intermission.


May 26 - June 26

at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

*tickets will be made available closer to the performance date.


Robert Pike

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