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written by Lope de Vega, adapted by David Johnston

Nov-Dec 2017


"If she can’t eat, nobody will."

When the Countess Diana’s secretary, Teodoro, expresses his love for her lady-in-waiting, Marcela, Diana finds herself consumed with jealousy - and, to her surprise, in love with Teodoro. The two women begin an intense battle of class, wealth, and the common disregard for the desires of others as they fight for Teodoro’s affections.  A humorous but insightful examination of privilege, The Dog in the Manger leaves us asking, “If I raised my voice, would any of this change?”



A walk around Dog in the Manger with We Happy Few collaborators, A preview - Jon Jon Johnson, DC Theatre Scene

The Dog in the Manger reflects on male-female power dynamics, as well as social inequality. A portion of that seriousness comes through here, despite the prevailing mood of breezy romp." - Ceila Wren, Washington Post

"Intimate and spirited, the fast-paced romp through love in the Spanish Golden Age is guaranteed to lift you out of your doldrums." -  Robert Michael Oliver, DC Metro Theater Arts

"The chemistry and comedic talents of Manger’s close-knit cast is what gives the show a unique vivacity." - Emily Priborkin, DC Theatre Scene


Raven Bonniwell

Tori Boutin

Debora Crabbe

Natalie Cutcher

Louis E. Davis

Kiernan McGowan

Charlie Retzlaff


Hannah Todd & Bridget Grace Sheaff


Jason Aufdem-Brinke (lighting)

Arnel Sancianco (visual design)

Jimmy Stubs (set)

Robert Pike (sound)

Moyenda Kulemeka (costumes)

Keith Hock (dramaturg)

Sarah Kamins (stage management)

Robert Pike (producing)

Photography (c) Mark Williams Hoelscher

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