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We are offering a video of our Spring 2019 performance of Treasure Island for a limited time on our website.  If you are practicing social distancing and miss being able to attend the theatre, we thought it might be nice to bring the theatre to you.  The video will be up until May 6.


We ask two things:


1. If you'd like to watch Treasure Island, please think about making a small donation first.  Please think of it like renting a movie from a subscription streaming service.  We suggest that $5 is more than fair.  If you'd like to donate more, you are always welcome to.

2. Please don't share this video on social media or with friends.  It is unlisted anywhere but on this page for a reason.  Please be respectful of the time and commitment our artists put into the production.  If you know someone who might enjoy it, please send them to our webpage.

Thank you.  Stay healthy.  And enjoy the show.

Once you have made a donation, please click here to proceed.  

You will be asked to enter a password.  Your password is: Captain Flint.  

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