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Episode 3 Extras Package

Episode 3 Extras Package


Do you want to heighten your theatrical experience?  Do you like cool stuff?  Do you want to elevate your life from "meh" to macabre?  You should probably order this extras package along with the audio play.  Our extras box contains atmospheric, historic, and story-specific elements delivered right to your door. 


This package is designed to accompany the Episode 3 Audio Play.  Remember to order that as well!


We recommend one extras package per audio order.  Planning on listening with a group?  You may want more than one.  Feel free to email us at with any questions you may have.


*consumable materials in extras package contain walnut, walnut oil, or walnut flavoring.

  • When you order today, you'll receive a confirmation email from us and your package will be in the mail within 1-2 business days. A tracking number will be provided once it is shipped.  If for any reason your package does not arrive, please contact our box office:

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