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written by William Shakespeare

April 2017


"There is none of you so mean and base that hath not noble lustre in your eyes."

The history books are filled with glamorous stories of war, but when you look at war through the eyes of an soldier, it's something else entirely: a job, an obligation, an opportunity, a burden, a death sentence, a mistake.


You know Henry's story, now hear everyone else's.



An Introspective Battle Cry: A preview of Henry V - Lauren Landau, The DCist

"A fiercely entertaining, bare-knuckled view of the consequences of and dilemmas caused by war" -  William Powell, DC Metro Theater Arts

"It is a fascinating, resonant, and important new take on a known work" - Pamela Roberts, Broadway World

"If you are at home with Henry V, you might find yourself challenged and provoked by this production" - Tim Treaner, DC Theatre Scene


Josh Adams

Wyckham Avery

Riley Bartlebaugh

Raven Bonniwell

Natasha Gallop

Kiernan McGowan

Niusha Nawab

Robert Pike


Kerry McGee


Jason Aufdem-Brinke (lighting)

Lorraine Ressegger-Slone (fights/movement)

Arnel Sancianco (set and visual design)

Robert Pike (sound)

Liz Gossens (costumes)

Keith Hock (dramaturg)

Sam Reilly (stage management)

Photography (c) Tori Boutin

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