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Written by William Shakespeare

March 2019


"What's done cannot be undone."

Propelled by dark forces, ruthless in his execution and haunted by his actions, a tyrant ascends the throne. Is he a man taking on the role dictated by fate, society, and his own ambition? Or is he a true villain? In the shadow of unspeakable deeds, Macbeth and all who surround him must ask: What am I party to? Where's the line? When have I gone too far? When is it too late?



"Macbeth is deliciously eerie. It’s a quick-paced version of The Scottish Play that left me spooked." -   Emily Priborkin, DC Theatre Scene

“A unique and fascinating experience unlike any previously encountered in the D.C. or cities surrounding." - Amanda N. Gunther, Theatre Bloom

"The effect is akin to an orchestral piece arranged for a chamber music quintet. Creative solutions to ensure the important themes and movements are played, and in the process, the inner architecture is revealed." -  Ian Thal, DC Metro Theater Arts


Raven Bonniwell

Danny Cackley

Desiree Chappelle

Dylan J. Fleming

Stefany Pesta


Hannah Todd


Keith Hock (Dramaturgy)

Sam Reilly (Stage Management)

Jason Aufdem-Brinke (Lighting)

Moyenda Kulemeka (Costumes)

Arnel Sancianco (Visual Design)

Casey Kaleba (Fights)

Ethan Balis (Sound Design)

Emily Sucher (Intimacy Choreography)

Photography by Amy Leigh Horan

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