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David and Mary fight
Alma in the chalk circle
Tusla Burns


CHALK is an original adaptation from Kerry McGee, based on the ancient Chinese story of the chalk circle and it's many incarnations over the years and exploring themes of revolution, classism, the role of the artist, and motherhood.

June 2016


In an ever-changing world where nothing is black and white, how can we judge what's right?  



"The charming originality of CHALK’s graphical production concept is reason enough to hightail it to the show." - John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Theater Arts

"CHALK is an intriguing take on an ancient play with a dash of newness and a lovely band of rag-tag characters played to the hilt." - Kelly McCorkendale, DC Theatre Scene

"CHALK paints in bright colors, and this is one crew that relishes getting its hands dirty." - Tristan Lejeune, Brightest Young Things


Josh Adams

Raven Bonniwell

Louis E. Davis

Ann Fraistat

Natasha Gallop

Robert Pike

Jon Reynolds


Kerry McGee


Jason Aufdem-Brinke (lighting)

Julie Leong (costume)

Dean Leong (set)

Robert Pike (sound)

Raven Bonniwell (choreography)

Keith Hock (dramaturg)

Sam Reilly (stage management)

Photography (c) Tori Boutin

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